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Weightlifting FAQ
Here you will find the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

Is Weightlifting Safe?
Weightlifting is a much safer sport than other contact sports that most people participate in. Weightlifting also has the lowest injury rate when compared to other forms of weight training. Any type of injury in weightlifting is usually due to overuse or a random rare accident. Check out the Benefits Section for more information about the injury and safety aspect of weightlifting.

What's more Important, Technique or Strength?
Both are important elements in weightlifting. Technique is necessary to help the lifter become more proficient at lifting heavy weights and doing them with ease. For instance letting the bar move away from the body during a lift will make it harder to complete the lift. Likewise if your strength level is weak you won't develop to your full capability. However, there are other elements in addition to strength in weightlifting that play a role such as speed under the bar, flexibility, etc. So really technique and strength are only some of the components and the other components have to be developed too.

How do I develop Flexibility?
There are a couple ways to increase flexibility. One basic way is to incorporate stretching daily to speed up progress. Check out the Different Types of Stretching page to learn about them. Another way to develop flexibility is to hold the bottom positions in the Overhead Squat and Front Squat; use a moderate amount of weight and just hold the position for roughly 3-5 seconds and then stand back up. This can be repeated as necessary and will also increase flexibility within the movements.