Olympic Weightlifting Resource

Basic Olympic Weightlifting Routine
Here is a basic Olympic Weightlifting routine. If you follow this for several months adjusting to your needs you will see progress. There is some unilateral work, ie Lunges, Bulgarian Squats, in on Monday (Day 1) to help will muscular balance. If a lifter wants to add in any other exercises that's all right, feel free to fine tune it. Also, it doesn't matter what days you work out on just make sure to get at least 3 in a week. Make sure to follow proper nutrition and to incorporate recovery methods to help increase progress.

Monday (Day 1) Wednesday (Day 2) Friday or Saturday (Day 3)
Snatch 3x3 Cleans 5x3 Snatch, 5 sets up to Max Single
Behind the Neck Jerks 3x5 Back Squats 5x5 Clean and Jerk, 5 sets up to Max Single
Front Squats 5x3 Standing Press 3x5 Snatch Grip Romanian Dead 2x5
Snatch Pulls 5x5 Clean Pulls 5x5 Clean Grip Romanian Dead 2x5
(Optional) Unilateral Work 2x8