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Frog Leg Style Pull
Several Japanese lifters in the 1960's through the 1970's set world record snatch records. The Japanese lifters during this time used a foot positioning known as the "Frog Leg." What is unique about the Frog Leg style is that the knees are pointed at an angle of about 60-75 degrees with the heels together. With this style of pull the hips were closer to the bar and the torso is in more of an upright position. When the lifter got into this position it made them look like a frog, hence the name "Frog Leg" style.

When starting the pull many lifters that use the frog leg style will drop their hips initially and will start their pull while rebounding from the initial hip drop. The weight should be mainly felt in the middle of the foot. It is suggested that the back angle should remain the same throughout the pull and the hips will travel upward. When the bar is past the knees the hips are thrust forward. Proponents of this style suggest the final explosion phase should be initiated at or above the middle of the thighs. Since the hips move more in an upward path, this style will end with a straighter pull. There is also a less chance of the bar swinging (horizontal and vertical movement) with this style of pull.

Is the Frog Leg style right for you? No one can decide this for you; however I would suggest first learning the traditional pull style. If you have been using the traditional pull for roughly 6 months to a year and feel it is not the best pulling style for you, then you can look into the Frog Leg Style.

Weightlifting Frog Leg Style Pull